Limited or Limitless

Today I was presented with two arguments about the open movement

The first was that the open movement is corporate oriented and that it also places much emphasis on developers.  Well surely they don’t mean real estate developers and by corporate I would assume they mean large companies like the Linux based companies.

Open movement is anything but corporate oriented. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the cooperate world has largely benefited from the open movement. But the open movement is much bigger than the corporate world. It’s about the student looking for answers on Wikipedia. It’s about the endless volunteer’s who edit pages on Wikipedia. It’s about the software developer developing a solution that he can share with others. It’s about universities providing open courses to people around the world. The open movement is much larger than its benefits to the corporate world.

open source

Open source is software whose original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. Open source is part of the open movement but is not the only cause. The term ‘Open’ relates to more than computer programs. It relates to open data, open access, open science and much more. But open source in itself still doesn’t put emphasis on just the developer; it also considers the consumers of these products. So to explain the initial argument, I would say that open movement doesn’t place much emphasis on developers but on all the parties involved. This includes writers, students, mothers, and scientists etc who are all contributors to the open movement.

So to whoever is reading this, the open movement is not limited to specific professions or sectors like ICT but open to everyone in the world. You can also make a contribution to this open movement.


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