Players in the open movement in Uganda

The Open landscape in Uganda is a growing concept that varies from Open government, open content, open science, open source, Open data, to Open access and much more.

Open government is one of the movements in Uganda which involves several players. Open government in simple terms can be defined as data produced by government which is open and can be freely used and accessed. (See links for more information)


The Uganda Bureau of Statistics is also a player in the open movement through provision of data that is free from bias. It also has a Resource center that is open to the public.

 Mapping day is an open data initiative in Uganda with partners such as Mountbatten which is an ICT company and the Fruits of Thought which is a collection of projects. Mapping Day organizes mapping events and much more that contribute to open movements such as OpenStreetMap.

 Fundi Bots was founded by Solomon Benge King on the belief that Africa needs a local and social approach to its technical problems. One of their objectives is to sensitize and create awareness in young children about the benefits of technology through Robotic clubs in schools and holiday camps. They also make use of open-source electronics hardware and software platforms.Image

These are just few of the growing communities in Uganda that are embracing the open movement. So let’s reach out to more communities in Uganda and spread the word about the open movement.

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