Hello Capetown

I have to say Saturday 15th February was one of my best days in Capetown. I started off my journey with an enthusiastic Nkansha Rexford at Capetown train station. With Rexford munching away at his chips , i wondered what the day had in store for me. I checked in my bag , and i had all that i needed for this photo hunt,and that’s my camera. The day was hot but the train i was seated in was even hotter and i guess the large number of people in the train didn’t help the situation.

DSC_0637 (1)

First stop was Claremont, with our GPS in hand we matched off to discover what this beautiful town had in store for us. Our first site was the Taxi park or as South Africa calls it the taxi rank. We proceeded to walk through the town and huge malls in quest for our ‘aha’ picture. But this was just the start of our journey and we have to proceed to our other stops.

After a train ride that seemed not to end we arrived at Muizenberg . I felt like the kids in that famous movie ‘ Are we there yet?’. The first thing you notice about Muizenberg is the breath taking beach with large waves. The beach is filled with large numbers of people, surfers on the water,children playing at the shore and a spirit of liveliness. Its at this stop, that i started to realize  what a great day it was going to be. For such a hot day, Muizenberg was a breath of fresh air.

Our next stop was Kalk Bay, where our stomachs started to develop their own personalities. So we decided to make a quick stop for lunch before we proceeded with the photo hunt. Kalk Bay gave off the feeling of a small town with many small restaurants and cafes. It looked like a popular tourist destination with a large number of people walking on the streets and along the beach. Fishermen were also  showcasing their beauties from the ocean, next to what looked like their fishing boats.


Our final stop was Simons Town, where our  first sight was the navy ship. We visited the museums and loved the historical buildings. If my journey was a cake, Simons Town was the cherry on top.


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