Month: March 2014

United Nations Association of Uganda Makerere Chapter

On Friday 28th march, I attended the United Nations association leadership Training. The main agenda was teaching these young individuals leadership skills and giving them logistics to do so. We looked at a whole new view of what a leader should be. This was done through group exercises and image interpretations. I learnt quit a lot from these interactions and exercises.

In the afternoon, I was able to also talk to these young leaders and explain the importance of knowledge sharing to them. This was no easy crowd, but as I wrapped up, I started to realize that people understood were I was coming from through the questions they asked. We were not able to hold an activation session but I believe this is just one of the many interactions we are going to have in the future.

IMG-20140331-WA0007  IMG-20140331-WA0005  IMG-20140331-WA0002

 Through my interaction with the young leaders,i was able to get their view about Knowledge sharing through Wikipedia. Most of them agreed that a change in attitude would help people open up. From this experience , i have learnt that i  need to diversify my training skills. I need to understand my crowd and approach them in a way they can understand me.


Kumusha takes wiki

logo_wikiafrica_new2012 (1)

Kumusha takes wiki is a community activation initiative project that aims to add and change the kind of knowledge that is available online about Uganda. It also aims to challenge the notion that there is a ‘type’ of person that can contribute knowledge to global information sources, such as Wikipedia.

This project will look at activating up to 10 communities in Uganda. These include communities like universities, food communities, coffee growers, fishing communities, writers, poets etc. I have already had the honor of meeting some university, writers and poetry communities. The project encourages people in these communities to contribute knowledge about their homes, passions, country etc. Through this initiative a community of Wikipedians will be activated to sustain the aims of this project.

This project inspires me  every time I reach out to a community and they are able to understand the concept of knowledge sharing. I look forward to networking and meeting all these wonderful communities.

Nkumba University Activation


Nkumba University

I was so excited about Last Friday and the day lived up to my expectations. My day started off at Mr. tasty (fast food joint), where I waited for my colleagues (openstreetmap crew).  We had a hearty breakfast and headed off to the taxi park (some call it taxi rank), where we picked a taxi to Entebbe. Like any other taxi ride, the journey seemed to be longer than usual.

We arrived at Nkumba University at about 12:30pm and we had about an hour to kill before the activation. We decided to treat ourselves to  lunch as we discussed our program for the day. The activation started thirty minutes later than we expected, but it took off with a bang. There were over 60 students who were enthusiastic about the presentations and the remote mapping we carried out.

100_7536 100_7537

After the openstreetmap activation we then moved on to the Wikipedia activation. I made a presentation explaining the need to use Wikipedia as students of Nkumba University. After which we opened Wikipedia accounts and created user pages. We used the Nkumba University page to show how one could edit on Wikipedia. Time was not on our side, but the students managed to get a better understanding of Wikipedia.  This experience has taught me that I would need more than an hour for a group activation of over 60 people. And that people out there are quit eager to learn more about the open movement and open initiatives.

Open Africa 2014


I have been back in Uganda for about a week now and am still full of energy from the open Africa 2014 course. It’s now that I can take a breather and think about the past month. Time has never flown that fast, not even when am attending a wonderful dance party.

I have to admit the first week was overwhelming, between getting lost at the train station and ending up on the wrong streets, the course took off in full blast. No kidding, like how you see rockets head off in space. I loved the lectures and presentations, they were quite eye opening, not only from the open movement perspective but also about my colleagues and their home countries. By Friday, I was sure I was where I wanted to be, Open Africa course 2014.


The next three weeks, moved at the same pace but this time I was on top of my game.  Through all my new discoveries , whether  its was about open source software , open data , creative commons , new restaurants , the lovely grapes sold just up the street, the course continued being very exciting and eye opening.   One of my highlights will have to be the open education resources and open data.  Those two presentations put to paper what my heart feels but most of all I felt the need to do something.

As much as Cape Town was wonderful, am glad to be home, eating some ‘matooke’ with’amido’ and getting socked in the rain. I look forward to collaborating with open initiatives and activating communities  in Uganda