Open Africa 2014


I have been back in Uganda for about a week now and am still full of energy from the open Africa 2014 course. It’s now that I can take a breather and think about the past month. Time has never flown that fast, not even when am attending a wonderful dance party.

I have to admit the first week was overwhelming, between getting lost at the train station and ending up on the wrong streets, the course took off in full blast. No kidding, like how you see rockets head off in space. I loved the lectures and presentations, they were quite eye opening, not only from the open movement perspective but also about my colleagues and their home countries. By Friday, I was sure I was where I wanted to be, Open Africa course 2014.


The next three weeks, moved at the same pace but this time I was on top of my game.  Through all my new discoveries , whether  its was about open source software , open data , creative commons , new restaurants , the lovely grapes sold just up the street, the course continued being very exciting and eye opening.   One of my highlights will have to be the open education resources and open data.  Those two presentations put to paper what my heart feels but most of all I felt the need to do something.

As much as Cape Town was wonderful, am glad to be home, eating some ‘matooke’ with’amido’ and getting socked in the rain. I look forward to collaborating with open initiatives and activating communities  in Uganda


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