United Nations Association of Uganda Makerere Chapter

On Friday 28th march, I attended the United Nations association leadership Training. The main agenda was teaching these young individuals leadership skills and giving them logistics to do so. We looked at a whole new view of what a leader should be. This was done through group exercises and image interpretations. I learnt quit a lot from these interactions and exercises.

In the afternoon, I was able to also talk to these young leaders and explain the importance of knowledge sharing to them. This was no easy crowd, but as I wrapped up, I started to realize that people understood were I was coming from through the questions they asked. We were not able to hold an activation session but I believe this is just one of the many interactions we are going to have in the future.

IMG-20140331-WA0007  IMG-20140331-WA0005  IMG-20140331-WA0002

 Through my interaction with the young leaders,i was able to get their view about Knowledge sharing through Wikipedia. Most of them agreed that a change in attitude would help people open up. From this experience , i have learnt that i  need to diversify my training skills. I need to understand my crowd and approach them in a way they can understand me.


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