Every Monday , FEMRITE (Uganda Women Writers’ Association) hosts a book club for writers. And on every last Monday of  the month the book club hosts an author of the month. I was  honored to attend  the last Monday of the month of March and listened to the author of the month, Jaimini Jethwa. The author is  a playwright and  came all the way from Scotland. Jaimini Jethwa was born in Uganda and in 1972, she was forced to migrate to Scotland when Idi Aim ordered all Asians to leave Uganda. Born in Uganda with Indian descent , raised in scotland , Jaimini Jethwa felt like she had to come back to Uganda and face her demons.

Jaimini Jethwa writes to remove all modern day barriers. She  uses humor to eliminate  barriers like race, color, nationality etc . Growing up in Scotland, Jaimini’s family was the only family of a different culture in their neighborhood  and they stood out like a sore thumb.  It was times like this that Jaimini thought to herself, that staying in Uganda would have been much better than the life she had in Scotland.

IMG_20140331_175820 IMG_20140331_181536

During the meeting the author read to us parts of her play and  poems,and got feed back from the crowd. Through this interaction we learnt that Jaimini drew inspiration from different sources for her play,  both in Scotland and Uganda. The play is a monologue which could be challenging on how to keep people captivated. I  loved the poems , they had something captivating about them. I will surely be in line when the play is staged in the National theater,Uganda.


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