Muteesa 1 Royal University

That Wednesday i woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My head was pounding, my eyes were so heavy, I felt like I had left a debt with my bed. A visit to the doctor, the day before made me felt like I should bail out on this meet up. I told myself all the lies I needed to hear to get out of bed, got ready and headed off to Muteesa 1 Royal University.

When I got there, I could see and feel the liveliness of the young students, rushing in and out of lecture halls, holding discussions of sorts in the compound. It reminded me of my time at the university, where everything was a possibility and I believed I had the power to conquer the world. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe those things, but let’s just say a few years working can make you question some things.

We met up with the students in the computer lab and had an early start with an OpenStreetMap Presentation from our colleague Douglas. This presentation was quit eye opening not just for the students but even for me. It is always good to learn more than one expected from an Event. After the presentation, we headed out with our field papers and GPSs  to map the university.  This was followed by an uploading session, where students uploaded the information they had picked on the field papers and GPSs. We then had our lunch at the university canteen, which left some of my colleagues hungrier than they had come in.

Activation Morning

The Wikipedia Activation was in the afternoon, I started off with a presentation to the students. This was to help them understand why they need to use Wikipedia as students of muteesa1 Royal University. The presentation was quite interactive and students were able to give their opinions about some of the matters I raised. We then went on to open accounts and create user pages. After this we learnt a few tips on how to edit on Wikipedia and upload pictures. The session was crowned off with a series of questions from the students. This has been one of my most fulfilling activation so far. We left the students with a thirst yet to be filled, so hopefully this will not be my last encounter with these wonderful individuals.

Conc_activation About wiki

Let’s just say, if I had know what the day had in store for me, I would have been a ray of sunshine in the morning.


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