Wiki Meet-up


Have you ever hosted a party and you were not sure people would turn up. Those were my exact sentiments. So to my amazement, I got a good turn up of Wikipedians. It was an intimate get together, where we were able to interact easily with each other.

It started off with introductions, where we realized that we all had very different professional and social backgrounds. We had IT personnel, writers, programmers, educators, students etc. It was a great mix of individuals. We all shared our experiences about Wikipedia and what I discovered is that most people looked at it an untouchable platform where one finds information but lets the experts contribute.

100_7554 100_7556

We had an editing session of our home areas and were able to realize that most of them were stub pages and lacked images. We added economic activities of our areas and a photo to one of the pages. Everyone realized how easy it is to contribute to Wikipedia.

That was not the end of our night; we socialized and enjoyed refreshments together. This was my best part of the meet- up, where I got to have one on one conversation with people and got to know them better. We Plan to have another meet-up and this time it’s going to be a photo hunt of our home areas

100_7547 100_7549


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