Month: July 2014

St. Denis Ssebugwawo Secondary School

Arriving after lunch, I thought I would find an uninterested crowd of students.  To my surprise, I found a loud interesting crowd that shouted out my name even before I could introduce myself.  I found a class full of enthusiastic senior five students and we had an interactive session from the get go.


I made a presentation about the project ‘kumusha takes wiki ‘, and why St. Denis should collaborate with us. I did get the students attention and interest, which made the presentation an interactive one. Only a few students had heard about Wikipedia and those few didn’t know how to contribute to it. As I went on with my interactive session with the students I realized, this would be work in progress. I realized a one off presentation would not be enough for the students to get a better understanding of Wikipedia and the whole idea of content generation.


We then had an activation, where a student setup an account as an example for the others. The idea was for students to open their accounts after the activation. I was inspired, by the students who have to collect money amongst themselves to buy internet connection for the computers. I will be able to follow up on the account opening on our next activation.


We concluded by deciding on our start up article which will be the school article.  We divided the class into five groups, and each group is meant to work on a section of the school article.


Am looking forward to working with this group of students to create articles about their school and home area.