Lantern Meet of Poets

100_7741 I arrived at Bukoto  at about 2:45pm , fifteen minutes early for our meet up with the poets. After initial  introductions , i got into a heated debate with one of the poets about the reasons ‘women should not eat chicken’. One of the old traditional beliefs in Uganda. I will save my opinion for another day. This was the beginning of some of the heated discussion we had. I must admit poets are a passionate lot. Lets just say for this meet-up, the Poets gave me a run for my money.

100_7745     100_7742

We started off our session  with an introduction to Wikipedia and then created accounts and user pages.Through this interaction , people got a better understanding of Wikipedia . Most of the  group admitted that the edit source feature in Wikipedia looked more intimidating than the edit beta feature.  I know understanding  all the features on Wikipedia will be work in progress.

100_7747 100_7746 We decided that our first article we would create together would be the list of poets in Uganda. Every poet contributed names of notable poets in Uganda and we came up with a list of about 28 notable poets. which will continuously be updated by the poets.This has been one of the most successful meets, where we start and actually finish what we set out to do.


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  1. Hello Erina!
    My name is Paulina Bäckström, I’m a volunteer in the Luganda Wikipedia project and I’m working with both Dan Frendin and Paul Kiguba. I’ve sent an email to you, please answer.

    Kind regards,
    Paulina “Nakalema” from Sweden

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