Gayaza High School

100_7735 My older sister went to Gayaza High School and visiting her at the boarding school was one of the most exciting things in my childhood. For some reason the school seemed to be at the end of the world. Considering i had not seen much of the world except the four walls of my home. This time round , it seemed like i got there even before i started my journey. 100_7737 The first thing you  notice when you enter through the gates of this magnificent school is all the green around you. It makes you feel like Maria in sound of music, running around the meadows.It is one of the oldest schools in Uganda. I know this because my mother studied from there too. 100_7740 I went on to the digital computer room to meet the senior five  students i would be working with.I explained to them the ‘Kumusha Takes wiki project ‘ and it’s importance in Uganda.The students had some questions  but  eventually got a better understanding of the project, We then had an activation , where students opened accounts and created user pages on Wikipedia. This helped them learn how to edit on Wikipedia. 100_7736 As a group we decided that Improving the school article would be one of our goals. So the next time we meet after  doing our research , we will expand the article. I love young minds, they challenge me to be better for tomorrow . i will be looking forward to our next meet up with the wonderful Gayaza girls


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