Book Club at Femrite


The writers book club is there every Monday  at Femrite offices . I arrived thirty minutes early for my activation , which gave me time to interact with the writers at Femrite. The meeting started with a challenge, we had to write something creative on a piece of paper. Which would be shared with the group and critiqued. I decided to write a poem about my new found role ‘mummy’. My reviews were not so bad for an amateur.



After critiquing each others pieces, we had tea while i made my presentation about ‘Kumusha Takes Wiki’. I basically gave an introduction about the project and wikipedia. Since most people didn’t have their laptops we decided to create the list of writers instead of creating accounts on Wikipedia. 


Their was an already existing list on the ‘List of African writers page’, which we expanded to include other notable writers. We debated about what constitutes a writer or a notable writer. Is it a Published writer? Is it a writer whose books are on a shelf somewhere like a library? how about writer of anthologies? We had various opinions and we didn’t agree on a conclusion but most people thought it had to be a published writer. I was just the referee in this debate and i also couldn’t decide which was which.

IMG_20140901_182339 IMG_20140901_182350

People  proposed notable writers who were not documented. Due to limited time we just wrote the names and in our future activation we will be able to create articles for these writers on Wikipedia.


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