Lantern Meet of Poets : Part 2

Fifteen minutes late for my activation i was literally running not to keep my Poets waiting. I had to be late  not after my baby pulled a first one on me. She decided it was potty time right before we left the house, lets just say it ended up in a bath and a change of clothes for both mother and child. When i got there , i wondered why i rushed in the first place. Everyone seemed to take their time to get there on that cold day.We waited for other poets to arrive before we could proceed. 

We dived straight in to article creation. we agreed as a group to create a page for the Lantern meet of Poets as they are a notable group of artists in Uganda. I have said it before and i will say it again, the poets gave me a run for my money. We decide on the sections of the articles initially. And then everyone contributed content to the different sections. It was interesting to see that even among the poets , people viewed some of the content differently. We debated on what should and should not be included in the article, the differences between meets , recitals and presentations. We discussed the different philosophies in the Lantern Meet of Poets . I should tell you, the  discussion left my head spinning. 

The whole session was a lesson to me. I  must have learnt the most from this experience. I heard the Genesis of the lantern meet of poets and how they have managed to keep growing. I sense a great love in this group, a genuine concern for the art of poetry and literature in Uganda. I Must say am really impressed with the Lantern Meet of Poets.


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