Reader’s writer’s Club 2: Femrite


Monday 8th September  was a warm day after so many cold ones in this long rainy season. As i was corrected in the last club meeting its not book club but reader’s writer’s club (my bad ).For a meeting starting at about 5:30pm , people started streaming in at about 6:00pm. Which was the time we started off with me as the first speaker. Following up on our first activation, i made a small introduction for the new people who were  not around. We had expanded on the list of writers in Uganda and this week we wanted to add a section about the reader’s writer’s club on the Femrite page.


After my introduction, the session almost turned into a Q & A. This was a more curious lot but i was glad to answer the questions because it showed people wanted to know more. The group was skeptical about contributing to the page about the book club. This was because they thought older members of Femrite would know more or have better contributions. In my opinion , what they had to contribute was good enough and could be expanded on later.

I felt i dint really achieve my goal with this activation. I think it was because , i was faced with new faces and could not start off from where we had progressed. Never the less , the more the merrier



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