Uganda Museum


Friday 3rd October was the day i planned to work with my GLAM partner in share your knowledge. The Uganda Museum is a very busy place on Fridays. As one school walks out, in comes another one. From primary schools, secondary schools to patriotic clubs, the place is swamped with different uniforms. Am impressed, i thought it was going to be a dead town(the kind you see in old western movies).

I was the first one to arrive on the scene and i as i waited for my colleagues , i went ahead and registered for the national ID. Yes!, national ID’s have just recently been introduced in my lovely country. And yes, i have put off registering for it till the last minute but am done finally. Right after i finished registering everyone surfaced and we started our event.

IMG-20141004-WA0001 IMG-20141004-WA0002

We started by helping the Uganda museum staff open accounts  on Wikipedia and get a fast lesson on how to edit on Wikipedia. We were dealing with fast learners , so that dint take long. We went on to edit the Uganda Museum page and expand it. We did this by assigning every one a section to work on , update or create. People worked on the various sections in their sand box and later uploaded it to the page. We also added an image of the Uganda Museum but ran out of time to upload the existing gallerias.

We still have a lot of work to do , to make this a great page. So watch this space.


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